No smoking on campus property or buildings.

No consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus.

No eating in the ICU or bird habitats.

Clean your area after use; anything left out may be disposed of

Trash: Food garbage is bagged and frozen every day, and placed in rubbish container on Wednesday. Wastebaskets emptied into rubbish container on Monday.

Toilet only used for pee, poop and toilet paper. Anything other than this will break the sewage pump which costs $8,000. Similarly, do not dump leftovers, garbage, grit, etc. down the sink. Empty sink scrap baskets into trash every shift.

Vehicles shall be parked only in designated or assigned locations.

Vehicles must be parked nose in with headlights facing the prairie.

Vehicles must have an ADA placard to park in ADA spot.

Temporary items may be affixed to the walls using magnetic devices.

Permanent items will be affixed to walls by maintenance crew.

Do not use tape to fasten items to the walls, furniture, etc. Exception; ICU bird cages.

Computers for SHRR purposes only. Dataplan is very limited; we don’t have cable.

Access to campus is for Soarin Hawk personnel or their agents unless prearranged with Ted, Mike, Mary or Bob.



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